Enter to Win a Free Wrist Hitter!!

Grape Vine Wrist Hitter

Name the Shhmokewear!

Introducing the new “Wrist Hitter” bracelet pipe design!

Go to the Shhmokewear Facebook page. Post a name for this Wrist Hitter in the latest “Free Shhmokewear” thread. On March 15th, we’ll take the ten entries with the most likes and let our Facebook fans decide the winners! If your submission is chosen, you will win the Wrist Hitter pictured above along with a hand-signed certificate of authenticity from the CEO of Shhmokewear Industries. Winner pays shipping costs. Runners up will get a 30% off coupon towards Shhmokewear purchases. Be creative. Paint a picture with the name. Give us a story. Winners will be posted here and on Facebook. Contest submissions must be received before 12:00a PACIFIC on the 15th of March 2015. Survey for the finalists will run until 11:59p on March 20th. Winner will be notified on March 21st. You must be at least 18 years of age to enter.


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