Introducing our Blog!

Hey there Shhmokers! Here at Shhmokewear Industries, we have a lot to say and not a lot of space to say it – so we’re launching a blog!

Here, we’ll put up all sorts of useful information, new product launches, contest winners, and really whatever we feel like.

In fact, last week we lunched a brand new scooter model using state of the art gyro technology. We even had Tony Hauck give it a test run and he loved it. You can read his Mad Dog Scooter Review at Power Toy Planet, and other games as video games,  and the products related like the top mouse for mac.

For now we are on vacations but as soon as we get back we will start posting way more, specially once we have better internet, we will be camping and we got all the essentials from the Survival Cooking to keep the body healthy, by also taking kratom capsules but you know, internet is not one of them. Stick around and enjoy!

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