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Here are a few other artists, designers, makers etc. of kewl Shhtuff:

Bluesconspiracy.comThe best price t-shirts on the planet!! Grateful Dead, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, and more!!!

Coreyscollectibles.com – Hand blown glass creations!

www.seehuesarts.com – Fine art is not dead!!

Here is a list of our favorite Sellers & related sites:

420chan – Cool message board!

Fantasiatobacco.com -Easily the best hookah tobacco we’ve had yet!

HeadSHOPS.com – Need to find a headshop or advertise on a good 420 related site with high traffic??

Headshopfinder.com – Need to find a headshop??

Thehempnetwork.com – Everything hemp that you could imagine.

Medical Marijuana 411 – #1 most informative Medical Marijuana site on the web!

Reddit.com/r/trees – Trees and pineapples, what’s not to love?

Shwoodshop.com – Handcrafted wooden sunglasses, Shhweet!

Thrillist.com – Awesome article about us!

tiedyefly.com – Awesome Grateful Dead and other tiedyed shirts!

VeniceBeach.com – The final frontier for artists

Ziplockmusic.com – Free music!

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