Since the beginning of concrete jungle creepin’, the Urban Ninja has lived by a strict set of rules. There are more rules than you could count, but only three are necessary at all times. More than one rule to live by at once?! That’s crazy! You’re probably wondering if all of these rules are even possible to accomplish simultaneously. Get wily with Shhmokewear stealth pipes and they are!
The first rule: you must always be able to hide in public. Sparking some herb in a crowded area might be a difficult challenge for your everyday pipe-carrying Joe, but never for an Urban Ninja. Equipped with a super stealth pipe, handmade wrist hookah from Shhmokewear, your next ninja puff is only an arm’s length away. Leave the road side survival kit at home at reach for your wrist hookah instead! Maybe you’d like to keep your arms free in case of battle? Keep a necklace pipe at your disposal! Wrap a neck hookah around your throat and fend off enemy karate chops like a boss. (Neck hookah may not actually fend off enemy karate chops, however, you will still look like a boss. Wrist hookah does not defend from any type of karate.)
The second rule: never hide your shhmoke in a banana peel – it’s messy and a pain to toke out of! Now you don’t have to worry about someone spotting your pipe in public. Grab a stealth pipe for you and stealth pipes for the rest of your ninja crew and never trip on someone finding you out… stoner!
The third, final and possibly most important rule: always sneak in style.
Express your sneaky style with a necklace pipe or bracelet pipe in a galaxy of color choices. Up town, downtown, out of town, every town is a stealth pipe town! Wear a necklace pipe or bracelet pipe every day of the week, for any event or occasion. To the moon and back, Shhmokewear stealth pipes will have you flying high. Match your outfit with your bracelet pipe for expert level bonus points. Match your bracelet pipe with your necklace pipe for ultimate expert level bonus points. Coordinate sock and stealth pipe color for extreme foxiness. Compliment eye color with neck hookah for silliness and giggles.
Whether you rock a wrist hookah or a neck hookah, wearing stealth pipes from Shhmokewear will keep you in the loop – literally!
So, are you an Urban Ninja?

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